Major Boats : Prestations
Major Boats : Prestations
Major Boats : Prestations
Kaliboat (Occasion)
Major Boats : Prestations
Major Boats : Prestations
Major Boats : Prestations
Major Boats : Prestations


By renting a boat on our Major Boats base, you ensure a personalized service
When making your reservation, let us know your specific needs:

  • Airport / train station transfers to the nautical base,
  • One ways
  • Provisioning,
  • Provision of a skipper, hostess ...
  • Padle
  • Mask, Tuba
  • Etc.

Rent a boat at quay

Rent a boat at quay

Major-Boats launches a new service, "Rental at Quai".

The goal is that you do not use the boat to go sailing but only as a place to live. This alternative is ideal if you do not have the sea legs but want to enjoy the atmosphere! It is quite possible to rent the boat entirely for this occasion.

Indeed, strong of its location in the heart of the Golf of Saint-Tropez, Major-Boats has a whole fleet of multihull and sailboat to welcome you on board.

This atypical accommodation, allows to have a unique experience. In addition, we have the teams to make you feel like in a hotel with:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Provisioning
  • Concierge Service
  • Taxi / Driver
  • MAjorboats-Eats (as uber-eats we offer you to indulge food
  • Bedding Pack
  • Towel Pack
  • Etc.


Do not wait any longer and live the experience!

 Transfer Service

Transfer Service

Do you want to arrive at the airport with peace of mind? Need to leave the airport quickly?

The Golf of Saint-Tropez is a difficult place to access, that's what makes all its charm But we have the solution for you!

That is why , Major-Boats offers you not to worry with your transfer from the nearest stations (the Arcs -Draguignan or Saint-Raphael) or from the airports of Nice or Marseille.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. We are there for that !

We will be happy to share a ride with you!

Leave where you want

Leave where you want

Boat Rental is the activity in Vogue!

Who has never dreamed of leaving a few days cruising on a sailboat, with family or friends? Boat rental has the advantage of addressing all types of trips over the water.

Pleasure is often synonymous with freedom. The wild coasts or atypical ports are so many advantages that make a trip of a few days by boat is pleasant!

To navigate and enjoy the landscapes and seabed, there are four primordial zones in France. . The Atlantic coast, Brittany, the Channel, and the Mediterranean are the favorite destinations for boating enthusiasts. Corsica and the French Riviera are sought after by travelers who want to discover the sea freely.

Make your choice and go to the discovery!

 Concierge Services

Concierge Services

The Major-Boat is at your Service in terms of conciergerie , Let us do !

Linen management 

Conveying of your boat back during one-way navigation 

Vehicle Conveying from Port A to Port B

Station or Airport crew transfer 

Reservation Restaurant for a beautiful arrival 

Boat preparation : Thematic decoration of the edge 

Optional equipment

Optional equipment


The Major-Boats team to think of everything for you up to the optional equipment according to your desires!

Buoy 1 person

Buoy 1 person Jobe

Buoy 2 people Jobe

Buoy 3 people Jobe

Adult Wakeboard

Wakeboard Child


Aquamarina Paddle

JBL Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

Underwater scooter 4 person

liferaft Skipper

Interior cleaning

Exterior cleaning

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

The Major-Boats team offers a laundry service, but the maid is a high quality cleaning. Ironing is too.

This laundry service is opposed through 2 options:

In the first hypothesis: The owner of the boat entrusts us his linen and we realize a complete and quality service!

In the second case: If you rent a boat or you receive guests, we provide you with kits ready to use

Entrust us your clothes, delicate items and we will be in charge of these!

Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning

The Major-Boats team is even equipped to clean your vehicles!

Exterior wash: Washing Carroserie Wheel and Window Cleaning Exterior glass cleaning Dismantling bodywork Wash and Water repellent body polish Cleaning and Disassembling rims Cleaning passage of doors

Interior Wash:
Interior window cleaning
Aspiration according to your desires
Dusting of interior plastics
Cleaning passage of the doors
Cleaning the interior plastics
Plastic Balm / eather
Anti-odor / Antibacterial treatment

Cabin Rental

Cabin Rental

The Major-Boats team also does rentals at Cabin only

The principle is simple you only book a cabin for your stay!

this alternative will allow you to familiarize yourself with the boats to live a unique moment!



Hunger ? No time to go shopping? Do not want to go to the supermarket? The Major-Boats team thinks of everything!

It is now possible that you carry out your online shopping and that we take care of recovering them but we also store your races aboard your boat!

Everything is ready, you are missing on board!



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